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10 Days Cultural & Spiritual Odyssey Trip

10 Days Tibet Culture & Spiritual Odyssey Trip


10 Days Tibet Culture & Spiritual Odyssey Trip – The trip start with amazing and interesting sites in different parts of Lhasa. The major Tibetan Buddhist sites over the world are primarily located in Tibet Autonomous Region of China, where Lhasa has some of the top world famous sites namely Potala Palace, Jokhang, Barkor, Drepung monastery, Sera monastery and etc.
During the trip, many interesting view of the highest peaks, highest lakes and others are arranged for you. This trip is considered as one of the most challenging trip by many people from different parts of  the world.

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Potala Palace
  • Jokhang Temple
  • Norbu Lingka
  • Drepung Monastery
  • Sera Monastery
  • Namtso Lake

Private – Ten Days Holy Lhasa Trip

First three days: Lhasa


Tibet Trip Hub welcomes you to Tibet – the roof of the world and we are happy to see you are on the board for ten days Tibet Culture Excursion.

You will be received and greeted by the guide assigned to you by Tibet Trip Hub for the ten days Tibet Culture Excursion once you landed either at the airport or the railway station in Lhasa.  It is around one hour trip from the airport to Lhasa and about half an hour distant from the railway station to Lhasa.

Tibet Trip Hub has booked the hotel at the downtown and you just need to follow our guide to complete the check-in process. Since you need sometimes to get acclimated to the climate of Tibet, hence we have very relaxing tour for the first three days. You wil be guided to Jokhang temple, Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery as well as Barkhor street.

Day four to five: Lhasa – Tsedang

Distance coverage: 200km two days trip

Two days trip

From the fourth day onward, we will move out of Lhasa and move toward to the next destination as it takes three days to get acclimated to the climate of Tibet generally.

Yarlong is the first destination we are to move toward to and it is the source of civilization of Tibet. We will drive along the downstream of Brahmaputra river to reach the center of Yarlong which is located in Shannan prefecture. The culture excursion of Yarlong area will take us two days and we will see historical, religious and cultural zone there.

Tsedang is the largest town of Shannan city, and it is known as  the source of civilization in Tibet. Samye monastery is distinguished with its Mandala architecture, and it is the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery built in Tibet.

The interesting activity organized on the fifth day is to go for hiking. We will climb to a hill in Chimpu to see the hermitages there on the hill.

Day six to seven: Tsedang – Shigatse

Distance coverage: 200km two days trip

Two days trip

Once we complete our tour in Yarlong, then we will move to Shigatse which is known as the second largest city in Tibet. There we have culture excursion in different corner of Shigatse city. It takes a day time to complete Shigatse tour.

The culture excursion program is scheduled for Gyantse in the next day. Gyantse is one of important place in Tibet for its historical, religious and cultural values. The interesting site we will see on the way to Gyantse is the breathtaking view of Yamdrok Lake, snow-capped Mt. Nyenchen Kangsar as well as some glaciers once we move through Gampa La pass.

Historically, Gyantse is very popular for the heroic war, and Gyaltsen military defeated the then India based British military in 1904.  Religiously, Khubum stupa is famous for its old murals and architectural miracle. Shigatse is popular for it hosts one of the most important Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

Day eight to nine: Shigatse – Lhasa

Distance coverage: 280km two days trip

Two days trip

Once we complete the culture excursion of Yarlong, Shigatse and Gyantse, we will take you to drive  through Tibetan villages featured with traditional farmlands, crossing Oyuk valley and drive through Shogu La pass. On the norther nomadic grassland we will see Yangpachen.

The further norther side of Tibet is known as Jiangthang Drogpa in Tibetan with a sparse nomads in the vast pastures, hundreds of beautiful lakes with abounding wild lives can be found in this region.

Namtso is a mandatory destination for domestic and international tourists visting Tibet as Namtso Lake is one of the sacred and gorgeous lake in Tibet, it is also the world highest salt water lake.

As it is culture excursion, we will arrange you the opportunity to experience in interacting with a Tibetan nomad family on our way back to Lhasa.

Day ten: Finish the trip

Goodbye Tibet

On the last day morning, the agency management arrange a tea party for you, delivery our gratitude to you for choosing Tibet Trip Hub and offer Khata to you. The management will request your feedback and advice.
Finally, our trip specialist will help you to complete the check out process, and escort you either to the airport or railway station.

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10 Days Tibet Culture & Spiritual Odyssey Trip