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5 Days Holy Lhasa Trip

5 Days Tibet Culture Excursion


Tibet is opened to the rest of the world today and there is many important world heritages as well as interesting Tibetan Buddhist sites are filled with a lot of stories. Potala place is one of the world recognized wonders. Many domestic as well as interntional tourists are visiting Tibet every year. Tibet is titled as the best international tourist destination.

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Potala Palace
  • Jokhang Temple
  • Norbu Lingka
  • Drepung Monastery
  • Sera Monastery
  • Namtso Lake

Private – Five Days Holy Lhasa Trip

First days: Lhasa


Welcome greeting from Tibet Trip Hub to join the Tibet Culture Excursion program in Tibet.

Our assigned guide for your Tibet Culture Excursion will receive and greet you with Khata once you land on the roof of the world either at the airport or railway station. It takes about one hour time to drive from the airport to Lhasa and about 20 mins from railway station to Lhasa.

Tibet Trip Hub has the hotel booked from you and you just need to follow the check-in process.

Day two: Lhasa

Morning Activities

The first destination of your Tibet Culture Excursion is considered as one of the world wonders called Potala palace. It is located on the red hill and has thirteen floors with one thousands rooms. It is one of the most important landmark in Tibet and the same image can be found on the backside of Chinese currency fifty yuan note.

The palace symbolize the wisdom of Tibetan possess in the ancient time and it used to be the administrative and religious center. There are many different stories about the palace and you are will told about the details of the palace.

Afternoon Activities

Then Jokhang is the post lunch destination for the afternoon. Jokhang is considered as one of the most sacred temple in Tibet and it invites thousand of Tibetan Buddhists from different regions in Tibet. It is also one of the most attractive destination of domestic as well as international tourist. You will see the twelve years old Buddha image in the temple.

Barkhor is the outer circle of the temple, hosted with many tourist mall and stores.

Day three: Lhasa

Morning Activities

Then we will have the other important monasteries for the second day Tibet Culture Excursion.

Two largest monasteries in Lhasa are Drepung monastery and Sera monastery which host a lot of temples and monk. In for the morning, you will see the temples in Drepung monastery and will have the opportunity to walk through the narrow and twisted lane of the small temples hosted in Drepung monastery, which houses about ten thousand monk and titled as The Largest Buddhist monastery.

Afternoon Activities

Norbu Lingka is the summer palace and it used to be the summer palace for ancient Dalai Lamas. There are many temples built by different Dalai Lama.

After Norbu Lingka we will visit Sera monastery. There might be some slight change in the program as the date for Tibetan Buddhist philosophical debate, the main reason for tourist to visit Sera monastery, held on specific date. However, we will confirm that you will have the opportunity to view the debate.

Day four: Lhasa

Morning Activities

The trip will start early in the morning as we have 500km to cover. Once we left Lhasa, we will bypass Duilong Deching district, and drive toward northwest via Qinghai-Tibet highway. Once we cross Damshong and Lagen La pass, we will see the beautiful Namtso Lake vista. Tashi Do peninsula is the final destination of the day, and you can walk around Tashi Do peninsula and surroundings.

Afternoon Activities

One of the most attractive destination for Tibetan Culture Excursion is Namtso. Namtso is one of the most holiest and sacred salt lake in Tibet and the highest salt lake in the world. Moreover, it is the second largest salt lake in China. The view of the lake is breathtaking that it leaves an unforgettable moment in the life when you visit Namtso. You will have the opportunity to visit a Tibetan nomad family when returning to Lhasa from Namtso.

Day five: Finish the trip

Goodbye Tibet

On the last day morning, the agency management arrange a tea party for you, delivery our gratitude to you for choosing Tibet Trip Hub and offer Khata to you. The management will request your feedback and advice.
Finally, our trip specialist will help you to complete the check out process, and escort you either to the airport or railway station.

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