Tibet Trip Hub is an international tour and travel agency owned and operated by local Tibetan in Lhasa, the administrative city of Tibet.

The tour and travel agency offers different tour and travel packages to the international Tibet-loving friends who would like to visit to Tibet to experience Tibetan culture, to explore Tibetan tradition and to find feel relaxed from their busy life style; the Kailash tour packages are more comfortable, a long drive from Lhasa toward the west takes you to the mysterious destination where the holy gods are believed to be residing by many different religions; apart from relaxation and comfort, Everest Base Camp tour package is a challenging and adventure activity for all the friends who love to find an exciting experience on the top of the world.

The members of the management are educated with different academic background and professional experience. Two major division of the management are marketing and operation; the marketing division of the management focus on marketing the tour and travel services offered by Tibet Trip Hub to different customers through various online and offline channel; the operation division focus on extending the best tour and travel services to Tibet-loving friends coming from different parts of the world to visit Tibet.

The members of the agency are all hired locally. We ensure that the member enrolled with us to serve those Tibet-loving friends are trained and certified by the respective authorities of the local government. We are proud of the strength we possess that the members of the agency are very proficient in English language communication, and having thorough and in-depth knowledge of Tibetan culture, tradition, religion, history, climate as well as all fantastic destinations favored by the travelers visiting Tibet. Besides, good numbers of other foreign languages resources are affiliated under Tibet Trip Hub.

The management of the agency has worked all possible ways to make the tour and travel to Tibet a better experience for our friends. Not only the agency has built up business collaboration with different hotels and restaurants in Tibet but also has been bridging business partnership with many domestic as well as international tour and travel companies. Easier approach with a better result is what we offer to our friends, and making an unforgettable trip memory in Tibet is our promise and responsibility.

We strive not to be the best but to be the better one in the tourism market in Tibet. Ethical and professional practices are encouraged to follow by every member of the agency.

Once you choose Tibet Trip Hub, you will experience life moments in ancient monasteries, nomadic lands, holy mountains, rich culture and stunning landscapes of the Tibetan plateau.