Tibet is the Buddhist Kingdom which has gifted Tibetan people a very splendid, unique, rich and traditional culture that attract the eyes of travelers, scholars, and expeditionaries. Hundred of palaces and monasteries featured with complex work of architecture, carving, painting, sculpture and translation of the Sanskrit symbolizes the wisdom Tibetan people possesses. In short, Tibetan people are skilled in art and empowered with knowledge.

Buddhism initiated in India and has spread many part of the world. However, the complete translation of the Buddhist scripts was done successfully by Tibetan. Tibetan people has inherited the religion and promoting it to the rest of the world. Today, there are hundreds of Buddhist monasteries and it can be seen on any corner of Tibet.

The architectural knowledge of Tibetan people is known to the entire world. Potala palace, a thirteen floored structured constructed on a hill is considered as one of the world wonders. The stone carved work in the palace surprises every visitor. The exquisite wood carving on the altars, beams and door frames demonstrating lively figures of Gods, auspicious symbols, dragons and so on shows the artistic skill Tibetan people possess.

The painting on the wall of Jokhang temple is a surprise on Tibetan knowledge about Buddhist history. The about-300 meter long wall depicts the complete life story about Lord Buddha as well as his miraculous triumph over the six non-Buddhist masters.

The great translation of Kagyur and Tengyur are appreciated by every Buddhist follower. These translated scripts are valued and kept in every monastery. It is even believed by Tibetans that the physical structure of a monastery may collapse, but the inner value inherited will and can never be collapsed. Kumbum pagoda in Gyantse, Sakya monastery in Sakya, Drepong and Sera monasteries in Lhasa, Yumbulhakhang in Shannan and a lot more shows Tibetan culture is different from any social and cultural community of the world.

Words are not enough to mention the greatness of Tibet and it is to be explored and realized with a visit to Tibet.