Mt. Kailash – Uncover the legend mysteries of Tibet

Mt. Kailash – The Holy Destination

It is an assumption but could be an unwritten religious mystery as it is beyond human understanding and reach. The Lords of Buddhism, Christian, Hinduism, Bon and Jainism had a meeting there on the sacred Mt. Kailash in Tibet a hundred of years ago and interacted on how to make the human world a better society to live in. Though it is an assumption but there might be enough ironic evidences to prove that it might have happened.

Buddhism, Bon, Hinduism and Jainism are the religious groups that do believe the sacred Mt. Kailash is the embodiment of their own Lords. There are reasons to believe it is true as it could not be a blind faith when such a huge population believes in it. Lord Jesus is not based in Asia but the written religious scripts indicate that Lord Jesus once visited the sacred Mt. Kailash during his life time. What actually happened during his time being in the sacred Mt. Kailash needs to be assumed?

What do exist in the sacred Mt. Kailash is yet to discovered, but efforts have been made to find the truth in the recent years. The history documents show the fascism leader Hitler sent his missionaries to Tibet during the Second World War. Later many Russian scientist groups also have visited the sacred Mt. Kailash many times in the past years. Of course, the might be some unreported exploration already made to the sacred Mt. Kailash.

The sacred Mt. Kailash is not the only legend mystery in Tibet. White Snow-Lion is another mystery about Tibet. Tibetans do believe the existence of White Snow-Lion on the highest peaks near the Everest Mount in Tibet. The scientists and explorers have been working hard to find if the mystery can be unveiled. It is reported that the footprint of some giant living creature were discovered on some highest peaks in the Himalayan range, but the actual work is fruited with little success. There are a lot more myths about the white Snow-Lion and the efforts still need to be made to uncover some of the realities that are beyond human knowledge and understand.

Today, Tibet is still so mysterious to many people in the rest of the world. It was a dream destination for the trader and the imperialist who believed the land was filled with treasures. Yes, Tibet is truly a land filled with treasures, but the spiritual treasures is a specially featured treasure. Tibet is a Buddhist land and the entire land is filled with Buddhist phenomena. The Buddhist Palaces, temples, monasteries, chapels and many more important religious sites can be seen everywhere. Desert, mountain, nomad and rivers are different from the natural resources of other countries. The topography of Tibet is so special that each part of Tibet is identical/similar to some of the most attractive places in the world. The beauty and mysteries of Tibet can’t be described with words, but explored with experience.

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