Nine popular stories you do not know about Mount Everest

More than 60 years have passed since New Zealander Hillary Rodham Clinton and his Nepalese Alpine guide Tenzin first climbed Mount Everest from the southern slope, but interest in Mount Everest has not diminished. Even if we cannot get to the top, stories about Mount Everest are still very appealing. Here are 9 up-and-coming stories you may never know.

stories about everest

  1. Everest actually has three names

China follows the Tibetan name, that is, “Everest”, meaning “Virgin Peak.” Nepalese call it “Sagarmatha,” meaning “the forehead of the sky,” and the highest peak in the world is also part of Nepal’s Sagarmatha National Park. Westerners used to refer to Mount Everest as Everest, because at a time when the British measured Everest and found Mount Everest in distant fjords, and did not know how mountain people called it, they used the British team leader Eve Everest named Everest.

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  1. Everest in the growing process

China believes that the elevation of Mount Everest should be entirely measured by the height of the rock, excluding the snow shell at the top, so the exact height is 8844 meters. However, in accordance with international practice to measure the height of peaks in various countries, the ice and snow will generally contain the peak, so the official saying of Nepal Everest is still 8848 meters above sea level.

everest growing

  1. Everest witnessed 400 million years of history of the world

In 1924, for the first time, scientists discovered the fossils of marine animals buried in the rocks of Mount Everest, proving that the mountain was once below sea level. In fact, there are still some people at the foot of Mt. Everest stealing fish fossils of unknown origin and costly fossils. Although the Himalayas were formed 60 million years ago, as time passed, the seabed rocks were crushed by crustal movement, causing Mount Everest to rise at a rate of about 10 centimeters a year and finally reach the current height. In continuing to grow, the magnitude is not that great, about 4 millimeters a year.

stories about everest

  1. Two Nepalese mountain guides each went to Mount Everest 21 times

High mountain guides in Nepal are often referred to as Sherpa. Two Sherpa cattle, APA and Pugba, led 21 Everest between 1990 and 2012. However, Apache believes that the global climate is getting warmer, exposing rocks, glaciers also becoming more and more vulnerable, and their climbing risks are increasing year by year.

Sharpa everest stories

  1. There are fights on the world’s highest peaks

Ueli Steck, a Swiss mountaineering wizard, has repeatedly drastically updated the time-history of quickly climbing the three northern walls of the European Alps. In 2013, he and his team-mates tried to climb Everest rapidly. Local Sherpas blamed their madness for hindering their effort in building a road which lead to a small avalanche and resulted in some injuries to the workers. A quarrel led to a small fight both sides fighting. However Ueli Steck and his team left the place with Nepali military protection after all the locals are still very powerful.

fight on everest

  1. Traffic jams on the highest peak in the world

Although climbing Mount Everest costs tens of thousands of dollars, every year a large number of brave people try to climb the summit. No matter from the southern slope or the northern slope, the peak is very able to encounter some “traffic jams.” On May 19, 2012, climbers jammed near the top of the southern slope for nearly two hours. In just half a day, more than 230 people successfully climbed the summit, but the weather did not deteriorate and there was a huge potential risk. Later, the Nepalese management again adjusted the routes and increased the number of ropes. This situation was improved.

traffic on everest

  1. Dirty peak

There were more than 50 tons of rubbish on top of Mount Everest, including oxygen cylinders, mountaineering equipment and a large amount of human excrement, as well as the remains of many victims who were not naturally degraded at very high altitude. As a result, the Nepalese government implemented a new measure since 2014 in which climbers must carry at least 8 kg of rubbish down the mountain or the $ 4,000 environmental deposit will not be refunded.

dirty everest

  1. Alpine spider and snow pigeon

In general, above 5,000 meters above sea level is a forbidden zone of life, Tibetan people and animals generally live below 4500 above sea level. Above 5,000 meters above sea level, and occasionally only some extremely low bryophytes can be seen, however, this Himalayan alpine spider can survive permanently in rock crests up to 6700 meters above sea level, depending only on insects blown by the wind food. But they also have to pay attention to some fat snow pigeons, they occasionally run to such a high place to see the scenery.

everest spider

  1. Everest is not actually the highest peak in the world

Although Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, there is a volcano in Hawaii with a height of 6,000 meters below the sea level, plus an altitude of 4,200 meters above sea level. The height of this volcano is 10,200 meters above sea level, Can be regarded as the real peak in the world.

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