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Packing List

What’s the best way to pack? Travel Gear: It is very important to pack lightly.

No matter how long your trip is or where you are planning to go, it is alwaysessential to pack with minimal amounts of clothes and other supplies.

One medium-large backpack or rolling duffel and a day pack should be enoughfor a 2-4 week trip.

Before getting on the plane, we recommend walking around the block severaltimes with your bags and to see how it feels.

If it feels heavy, then it would be wise to take out any nonessential items.

In general, Tibetans dress conservatively and do not reveal much skin.

It is traditional for Tibetan women to wear long skirts but we do not pressureour guests to dress in traditional clothing.

For men and women, shorts are inappropriate and instead jeans or skirts arerecommended.

In the summer and spring, doing your own laundry is an excellent solution todirty clothes.

The strong sunlight and dry environment are perfect for allowing clothes to dryquickly.

Here are the essentials: 1 pair of Hiking Boots/Sturdy Sneakers Sleeping Bagand insulation pad Ground cloth or tarp Rain Gear Towel 3-5 T-Shirts 1Lightweight Fleece or Wool Sweater 2 Pairs of Nylon pants 5-7 Pairs of Socks 3-5 Pairs of Underwear Sunglasses Personal Toiletries Personal MedicationCamera, Batteries and Film/Digital Memory Cards Adapter and Surge ProtectorLightweight thermal shirts or long underwear Many of you may be wonderingwhat type of power socket is being used in Tibet.

For Class 1 appliances, a Type 1 3-pin plug and socket is being used.

Why is it important to bring these plugs? For one, this age is also known as thecloud-computingera, meaning more and more people are bringing theirelectrical devices overseas to use and enjoy.

Whether it be a mobile phone, palm or PDA device, laptop, or other electricaldevice, all these use batteries and many need to be recharged.

It is very important to bring along the right pin plugs because most often, thepower socket type is not the same type as in your own country.

Although these plugs are just a small item, it will save you lots of time uponarrival if the right adaptors are brought.

Not only will you be needing to bring along a power socket adaptor, it isessential that you also bring a 2-pin adaptor socket to fit nicely into either awall socket or shave socket.

This type of adaptor and socket is available at your local electrical or travelshop.

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