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Photography Trip

10 Days Photography Trip for Central & Eastern Tibet

The photography trip is for those photographers who are interested to visit Tibet and capture the mysterious landscape as well as story in your camera.

The valleys, grassland, snow-capped mountains, holy lakes, great mountains, Buddhist edifices and century-old traditions are all important destination for the world photographers.

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Jokhang Temple
  • Potala Palace
  • Sera Monastery
  • Drepung Monastery
  • Norbu Linka
  • Barkhor Street
  • Basum Lake
  • Samye Monastery
  • Yarlang Valley
  • Yumbu Lhakang
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10 Days Photography Loop for Central & Eastern Tibet
Day one: Lhasa


You will be welcome by our tour specialist of Tibet Trip Hub once you land either at Gonggar Airport or Lhasa railway station. The is about 60km travel  distance from the airport to Lhasa city, and 25km travel distance from the railway station to Lhasa city.
The down town is the center of Lhasa, where hotel is booked for you. Due to high attitude, it would take about ten hours time to acclimation and alleviating Jet-lag.
Day two: Lhasa
Morning Activities Lhasa is a small city to go around and our representative will take you in a comfortable vehicle to view Kyichu River, surrounding mountains, fluttering prayer flags and Tibetans wearing the traditional dress circle the pilgrims in Lhasa.
Afternoon Activities Afternoon, you will visit the great statue of Lord Buddha that is curved of a stone cliff-face centuries ago. Potala palace is the most miraculous feature of Lhas, Tibet as well as entire China.
Day three Lhasa
Morning Activities The first trip spot is the Potala Palace, and it is also considered as one of world eight wonders. In the morning, our trip specialist assigned to your group will pick you from the hotel, and takes you to view the outside and inside structure of the palace, and share you the details story of the masterpiece of Tibetan architecture.
Afternoon Activities Afternoon trip is to Jokhang temple and Barkhor street. Jokhang temple is one of the most sacred religious temple with thousands of faithful worshiper coming different parts of Tibet . Barkhor is the outer circle of the temple, hosted with many tourist mall and stores.
Day four Lhasa
Morning Drive In the morning you walk through the narrow and twisted lane of the small temples hosted in Drepung monastery, which houses about ten thousand monk and titled as The Largest Buddhist monastery. Norbu Lingka is the summer palace, thus is considered a sacred palace. There you will visit some of the major palaces built at different period over the history.
Afternoon Drive The day trip end with a visit to the Sera Monastery. The monastery has hosted a number of Tibetan Buddhist Philosophical colleges, and a lot of Buddhist philosophical debates take place here.
Day five Lhasa – Basum Lake
Distance coverage:295km, 6 hrs drive
Morning Drive The morning drive from Lhasa takes you to Ganden monastery, which is located some 40km from Lhasa city. Garden kora is one of the best locations to view Kyichu valley is from Garden kora.
Afternoon Drive It takes quite sometimes to travel from Garden to Basum Lake. There are many good attractive types of scenery on our way to Basum Lake, and it is one of the trip route favored by most of the domestic tourists. There are many interesting stories about Basum Lake and our assigned representative has a very good knowledge of all these stories told in Tibetan communities.
Day six Basum Lake – Milin
Distance coverage: 260km, 6 hrs drive
Morning Drive Morning scenery of Basum Lake is very pleasant. Our repetitive suggests for a morning walk around the charming Tsodzong monastery. There are many hard-to-discern holy sites in Basum Lake.
Afternoon Drive The next site visit is arranged for Lulang which was developed recently and is considered as the best international tourist. Actually, Lulang is one of the most favored destinations for the domestic tourists. After Lulang, the trip for the day ends at Milin, a small town located about 60 km from Bayi.
Day seven: Milin – Tsedang
Distance coverage: 360km, 8 hrs drive
Morning Drive You will see many beautiful places on the way to Tsedang. Chongkang Vaillage was the home of 13th Dalai Lama and Tashi Zong Palace is a combination of Tibetan style and Chinese Styled structure and it is worth to pay a visit.
Afternoon Drive Tsedang is called the soruce of Tibet civilization. The administrative capital city of Shannan prefecture hosts many important and historical sites. Literally, Tsedang means Monkey’s Playground.
Day eight Tsedang
Morning Drive Yumbulakhang built on the top of a hill symbolizing the early civilization of Tibet, is the first palace built in Tibet. There, part of your trip can be customized for accessing to the palace and you can ride horse or yak to climb to the palace.
Afternoon Drive Historically, Trundruk monastery is one of the earliest Buddhist monasteries contructed in Tibet. Later, the monastery became the winter home of King Songtse Gampo. The monastery has many religious and political history is told to many by our representative.
Day nine Tsedang – Lhasa
Distance coverage: 355km, 8 hrs drive
Morning Drive Samye is a must to go place for every tourist visits central part of Tibet. It is the place where the first Tibetan Buddhist monastry was structured. Historically, Samye is the place where Britian-Tibetan war broke out in the year 1904.
Afternoon Drive Afternoon trip is to visit Mindroling which is the largest Nyingmapa monastery in centeral Tibet. Mindrolin monastery also produce very popular Tibetan incense. The end of the trip is Lhasa.
Day ten: Lhasa trip
Goodbye Tibet

On the last day morning, the agency management arrange a tea party for you, delivery our gratitude to you for choosing Tibet Trip Hub and offer Khata to you. The management will request your feedback and advice.

Finally, our trip specialist will help you to complete the check out process, and escort you either to the airport or railway station.

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