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Tashi Delek, Tibet welcomes you.

There are many tourists do not know the best destination to visit when they wants to visit Tibet and enjoy the best moment in Tibet. Actually there are many differences between the attraction of the destination and it is important to understand the attraction of the destination and choose the preferred destination according to the individual interest. Hereafter, we have listed some top tourist destination which could help you to understand the natural and cultural landscape of the destination.

The height of the highest peak in the world and it is one major tourist destination for those who like to take adventure tour package in Tibet. Beside the highest fresh water Lake Manasamurpa, Ksitigarbha, Brahmaputra, Namtso, Yamdrok Yongtso and so on. Not only these natural landscapes are featured with stunning natural beauty, but also contain the wealth of humanistic connotation. Hence it is very important to possess some knowledge about the geographical, historical and cultural aspects of Tibet. The more and deeper knowledge you have acquired about Tibet, it is easier for you to decide the best destination. Geographical speaking, Tibet is located on the highest plateau in the southwest of China. Lhasa is the administrative capital city of Tibet and furthering toward west, other small cities and towns are located.

  1. Lhasa – the administrative of Tibet, has been the center for religious and administrative activities for centuries. It is the first landing and departure point for most of the tourist visiting Tibet. Potala Palace is the highest palace in the world which used to host the religious and administrative activities. The palace was the winter palace for The Dalai Lama. Norbulingka is one important destination in which you can find different summer palaces built by the successive Dalai Lama. Ganden is the monastery built by H.H the Tsongkhapa and his two disciples built another two important and popular monasteries – Sera and Drepong monastery. Jorkhang is considered as one of the most revered religious destination which invites thousands of tourist domestically and globally.

Of course, Lhasa is also the top preferred cultural tourist destination in Tibet.                     Circumambulating around Bakhor, staying in hotels run by Tibet and visiting Tibet           and restaurant do give a very long lasting joyful and happy moment in life.

  1. Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet and it is the post-hiding political, economic and cultural center in Tibet. The world highest peak, Mount Everest, is also located under Shigatse administration. There are many different interesting tourist destination in Shigatse although Mount Everest is considered to be the top destination. Tashilhumpo monastery is a must visiting destination which is the seat of Panchen Lama. Gyangtse hosts a very popular Tibet and Buddhist stupa and the town is also popular for Britain-Tibet battle fought a century ago. Yamdrok Lake is a very popular Tibet a Buddhist lake and it is mentioned in many texts about Tibet a Lama Lineage.


  1. Nyitri is not far from Lhasa and it is about four hundred kilometers from Lhasa. Nyitri is featured with many very beautiful natural scenery. The altitude of Nyitri is lower comparatively which generate the favored climate and environment for green plants. The popular domestic name titled to Nyitri is Switzerland in Tibet. Gongpo Bonri is the most religious destination for Bon religious, but many Buddhists also circumambulate the mountain. Lulhang is now developed to an international tourist destination which attract a lot domestic tourists. Bhasumgtso is also one of the most beautiful destination in Nyitri.
  1. Shannan is much advocated domestically as it is considered as one major source for Tibet civilization. Shannan is one of the top destination for those who is interested to explore the administrative and religious history as the first temple and first palace were built there. Do not forget to visit Samye monastery, Yongpulakhang, tombs and other popular destinations.
  1. Chamdo is located far east of Lhasa but close to Qinghai, Sichun and Yunnan province. Chamdo is a must top the Tibet -Kham and Tibet -Yunnan overland tour. Due to its proximity to other provinces, it thus has some other culture heritages left over there.
  1. Nagchu is a very one of biggest administrative left with a vast grassland. The vastness of the land brings up many domestic cattle in Tibet. The best time to visit Nagchu is summer and autumn season in which you can enjoy horse riding and staying in the black tent with a Tibet a family.

People interested in Ling Gesa should visit the destination once.

  1. Ali is fascinated by its natural height and mysterious ancient kingdoms. Mount Kailash is the one of the top destination for Hindu, Buddhist and Bon followers. It is said that Hitler sent his team here to find the super human race, but Russian scientists believe it is identical to some mysterious pyramids. The overnight vanished Guge Kingdom is a very interesting destination which is taken by most of the tourist coming from western countries, Russia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Malaysia and so on.

If you have any further inquiry about destination in Tibet, please contact Tibet Trip Hub and we are always happy to interact with all Tibet-loving friends.

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