Tibet Permit is a mandatory paper required to enter Tibet, please check the below information carefully.

Who need to apply for “Tibet Permit”?
Non-Chinese Passport Holders – Foreign passport holders.
Note: Overseas Chinese need to apply for “Tibet Permit” without a Chinese passport.

Important for Foreigner
According to the provisions of the National Tourism Administration, foreign tourists are not allowed to travel by themselves during their stay in Tibet. They must organize tours in an organized and planned manner, regardless of the number of guests.
Where an organized overseas travel team shall be entrusted by the travel agency to the Tibet Tourism Bureau and its offices around the application for permission to deposit.

Tibet Permit Importance

The basic information (including name, nationality, age, gender, occupation, passport number), the route to Tibet, the approximate duration of travel, travel intentions, telephone and other information through the local travel agencies.

Taking into consideration the scheduled work for the arrangement of travel matters such as air tickets, hotels, guides and vehicles related to the guests, please handle the application procedures as soon as possible so that relevant information on the travel routes, time, place of entry can be confirmed accordingly.

In addition, foreigners going to the border area of ​​Tibet may apply for a travel certificate in the border area with the approval letter of entering Tibet, which is generally handled by a Tibet travel agency. Foreign visitors into Tibet generally need to apply for a tourist visa, that is, we often say that the L visa. However, it should be noted that foreign journalists’ visas are not allowed in Tibet, and foreign guests and friends should pay attention to this point.

Entry requirements of Tibet Permit
1. The types of visas that must be applied for entry into Tibet through travel agencies are: Tourist Visa (L),
2 Tourist visa (L) for Tibet Permit, just to submit the passport and visas to tourists visas can be;
3. After entry into Tibet, foreigners should be accompanied taken care of by the tour guide to take care of, no any entry documents are not allowed to be brought away from Tibet.