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Tibet Permit

Tibet Travel Permit / Visa is a mandatory for aliens of other nationalities to enter Tibet for entertainment as well as business purposes.

The Tibet permit/visa is imposed to alien travels and the restriction on the multi-nationality group is no changed. It is easier to get Tibet permit for a group of one nationality, but it is tougher to get Tibet permit for a travel group that has more than two nationalities.

For group permit/visa, it is possible to obtain Tibet Permit/visa from the Chinese embassy in Nepal if the entry route to Tibet is via Nepal, yet the embassy does not issue Tibet Permit for a list of 26 countries and the permit needs to be applied from the Chinese embassy of your home country.

For individual traveler visiting Tibet, we generally arrange an immediate group based on the customer interest and request. It is to inform you that we might not able to arrange for an immediate group during the winter season as the number of alien travelers to Tibet is very less comparatively.

Requirement for Tibet Permit/visa

Tibet is one of the autonomous regions in China and it is compulsory to produce a valid China visa to enter Tibet except the travel route is via Nepal. Since Tibet is an autonomous region sharing the border with other neighboring countries, some additional documents are required apart from China visa. Details of the required documents are listed below for further reference.

a) China Visa or Tibet Group Visa – China Visa can be obtained from the Chinese embassy of your home country or the Chinese embassy in Nepal for some countries. (We recommend you to don’t apply for an individual Chinese visa in your country if you decided to enter Tibet from Nepal, because when you apply for the group visa for entering Tibet, the Chinese embassy will cancel your individual Chinese visa)

b) Tibet Travel Permit – A mandatory document required for any alien travelers to enter Tibet Autonomous Region, China.  (Tibet Travel Permit need to be applied from local tour and travel agency in Lhasa, Tibet)

c) Alien Travel Permit –  The permit is required if your tour passes through a restricted area. ATP is easily obtainable at your arrival as it should be applied for with your original passport

d) Military Permit – The permit is required if your tour passes through a restricted area. The permit should be applied for along with the Tibet Travel Permit in advance and it will take about 7 working days to issue.

Important Notes:

Since Tibet is politically sensitive in China, your consulate may refuse your visa application if you mention traveling to Tibet in your application form, so please keep this in mind when applying. You can mention any city of mainland China such as Beijing, Shanghai and any other cities as your travel destination.

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