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Tibet Weather

Tibet is a high altitude plateau set amid tall mountain ranges. The mountain ranges catch the rainfall before it reaches the plateau, so most of Tibet, except for the southeast, is desert steppe, tundra, or permafrost. Most of Tibet experiences frost at least six months of the year, and the highest lakes has ice from October to March. The weather varies a lot from region to region.

Main Features of Tibet’s climate
  • Strong sunshine
  • Cold and dry
  • Large day/night temperature difference
Tibet’s high altitude results in:
  • Thin air
  • Less oxygen content
  • Lower boiling point

Lhasa is ideal for tourists to the region to acclimate in, because it is in a lower elevation valley in the warmer and wetter southeastern part of the region. The annual precipitation in Lhasa is relatively high for Tibet at 500 millimeters (20 inches), as the annual precipitation across the region averages around 200 millimeters (4 and 12 inches).

Tibet Weather and Tourism in the Four Seasons

Due to the high evaluation, Tibet has quite different seasons from other places with a longer winter.

Spring (April–May)

The ice melts and the weather warms during spring, opening up blocked remote roads and making travel outside Lhasa more pleasant. Tibet reopens to tourism in early April (as it is usually closed to visitors in March for Tibetan New Year). Book a Tibet tour before the summer tourist crowds arrive.

Summer (June–August)

The weather is warm to cool and summer is the busiest travel season of the year in Tibet. There air has a higher oxygen content than in other season. Sometimes it will shower at night or for about an hour in the afternoon in mid July to late August, so rain is not a big issue even in the rainy season. Train tickets to Lhasa are difficult to get in summer.

Fall (September–October)

Also a busy travel season in Tibet, the weather is clear and cool in fall. It’s a good time to hike and trek in Tibet, and it’s also a good time to shoot photos of mountain peaks, due to less cloud.

Winter (November–March)

Tibet is usually closed to foreign travelers in February and March for 5 or 6 weeks. Tibet Entry Permits are normally not issued for February and March. Some roads are closed due to the heavy snow. Except for the coldness, it’s a good time to travel to lower altitude places like Lhasa, as hotels and travel agencies may offer discounts during winter, and tourists are far fewer than in summer and fall.

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